I’m James, an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Oregon, splitting my time between two urban Portland parishes: St. David of Wales and St. Michael & All Angels.

My primary responsibility at each is formation. “Formation” is church-lingo for what we believe God is doing with us: forming us through inspiration and relationships to resemble more and more the true pattern of all creation, the heart of creativity and compassion. Not just formation, but transformation -through our willingness to take risks and be vulnerable in community, we find ourselves surprised by renewed, more deeply authentic incarnations of ourselves in God. Another name for this process is theosis.

In practical terms, that means I am responsible for seeing that our parish communities have the opportunities and resources necessary to engage this transformation in an intentional way. This may include an inspiring sermon, an informative course, a small group engaged in service or study, one-on-one conversations. Each of these present unique opportunities for our continued formation.

My own formation has always involved poetry. Since I was a child, poems have been my preferred means of disclosure and revelation with God and stranger alike. The poetic often finds its way into my preaching, and I’ve shared some of my other poems here as well.

I hope you’ll be in touch for further conversation,


James +

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